What is ohTwentyone?

ohTwentyone is a brand consultancy and graphic design studio for small businesses. We help our clients uncover their unique story, and then we help them tell that story to their customers. We do that by developing and producing unique and engaging materials that our clients use to communicate value to their audience.

What Does ohTwentyone Mean?

ohTwentyone, or 021, means Orange. Orange is our favorite color...here's why:

You may or may not know this, but designers don't often call colors by their names. It's too imprecise. What, exactly is the difference between Cerulean and Azure? Could you tell me how to mix that ink? Designers describe colors with numbers most often. The most common color system in use today is the Pantone Matching System (PMS). In PMS there are a few colors that do have real names in addition to their number, like Red (032) or Blue (072). The color named Orange is also numbered 021.

So, then the bigger question is, "What's so great about Orange that you'd name your business after it?" Orange represents the spirit that we want to empart to our business and our work. Orange represents enthusiasm, creativity, success and stimulation. It also increases oxygen supply to the brain, stimulating mental activity.

Design should be about stimulation, creativity and, like increasing the oxygen supply to the brain, make you a little giddy.

What's the Big Idea?

The big idea is simple. Add value to our clients' brands by creating engaging, wonderful, clever, beautiful, functional, irreverant, effective, astoundingā€¦things. Logos, Web Sites, Posters, Brochures, Direct Mail, Booklets, whatever. Whatever we make, we make them awesome.

award winning web designohTwentyone is proud to have ten logos included in the upcoming Trademarks USA. Read More >

award winning web designohTwentyone has been awarded three 2010 American Web Design Awards by Graphic Design USA Magazine. Read More >

award winning logo designohTwentyone is proud to be included in Logolicious, the upcoming book of logo design from Peleg Top and Collins Design.

Graphic Design Awards - New Big Book of LayoutsohTwentyone is proud to be included in The New Big Book of Layouts. Read More >

Graphic Design Awards - American Graphic Design AwardsohTwentyone has been awarded ten (10) 2009 American Graphic Design Awards by Graphic Design USA Magazine.Read More >

Designing for the Greater Good: The Best in Cause Related Marketing and Nonprofit DesignohTwentyone is gratified to be included in Designing for the Greater Good: The Best of Cause Related Marketing and NonProfit Design. Read More >

LogoLounge Master Library Volume 1: Initials and CrestsohTwentyone is honored to be included in LogoLounge Master Library Volume 1: Initials & Crests. Read More >

Graphic Design USA MagazineohTwentyone has been awarded two 2009 American Web Design Awards by Graphic Design USA Magazine. Read More >

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No!SpecohTwentyone is proud to support No!Spec. Spec work hurts clients as well as designers. We stand on the strength of our portfolio.